Christine Gardner, Founder of moregreenmoms and The Girlcott.  She lives in San Francisco with her husband and three children and is a passionate advocate for environmental health issues in her community and beyond.  She is a frequent speaker for parents’ groups, organizations and corporations and she serves on the eco-Councils at her children’s schools in the City.  Christine is on the Board of the San Francisco Parks Trust and she recently published her first children’s book, A Moment of Quiet is Nothing to Fear. After graduating from Stanford University, she pursued careers in publishing, investment research and Internet development before concocting the perfect blend of communication, investigation and activism that inspired The Girlcott!

Nisreen Gardner, General Manager of The Girlcott, has worked as a marketing and advertising professional for the past seven years. Nisreen has held various positions such as Senior Visual Project Manager, Art Buyer and Key Account Manager at international advertising agencies, such as TBWA, BBDO, and DRAFTFCB.  She has a strong background in retail having worked at Woolworths (a South African National upscale retailer), as their Beauty, Childrensware and Lingerie Brand Manager. She was also the proud owner and designer of her own shoe label, Sienna, and boutique in Cape Town.  Her combined love of people and a passion for brands, gives this creative problem solver and strategic thinker the opportunity to turn her attention to moregreenmoms and The Girlcott, helping to grow these phenomenal green initiatives. She believes in being environmentally stylish. Nisreen focuses her micro-philanthropy on projects that benefit and educate underprivileged children in South Africa through the organization, Hoops 4 Hope. In her spare time, she enjoys moments with her husband, adorable niece and her nephews in San Francisco.

Special Thanks
The Girlcott organizers would like to offer our sincerest thanks to the following individuals for their generous expertise, talents and assistance in launching The Girlcott brand:

Carolyn Edwards, marketing goddess and cheerleader extraordinaire
Tina Liao and Amber Mayo, online media gurus and late night email companions
Tony Vasquez and Colin McRae, DraftFCB creative all-star team
Paula Cruz, logo designer and Web developer with patience to spare
Bill Alber, billboard landlord and SF Greenclean pioneer
Griffix Interactive, Website design and development