The Girlcott is actively seeking volunteers for the following positions:

Marketing Support – if you have expertise in social media networking, we are actively seeking skills to support vigorous execution of our online strategy.

School Coordinators – if you attend a high school or college in the Bay Area and would like us to brief you on The Girlcott so that you can help us recruit participants to attend, we would be happy to devote the time in exchange for your energy and support.

Poster Placement – in deference to our love of trees, we are following an “almost-no” paper media campaign to announce The Girlcott, but we do have some really cool posters that need good homes if you have any suggestions of highly visible venues we should approach.

Event Assistants – we will need help at our collection site on April 18th where jobs will include sorting drop-off items, organizing recycling materials, registering participants for prize drawings, sampling healthier products, collecting signatures to support the Kid-Safe Chemicals Act or just acting like you are having the time of your life so everyone feels like they made it to THE party with a purpose!

Please email nisreen@moregreenmoms.com if you would like to express your interest in any of these opportunities.