As founder of moregreenmoms, I have spent the last year and a half learning and sharing everything I can about how our daily exposures to environmental toxins may impact the health of our society today.

My story is really simple. In August of 2007, I attended a presentation by Teresa Heinz Kerry and her husband, Senator John Kerry, about their book, This Moment on Earth: Today’s New Environmentalists and Their Vision for the Future. The hour was full of many insights, but one particularly shocking detail stuck with me.

Nail polish is toxic.

That surprising, and potentially innocuous, revelation set me on a path to explore the growing body of research that reveals how our global chemical dependency resonates in the tissue of every living being on earth today. Even an unborn child is not protected from the power of environmental toxins that may leave their permanent imprint before that baby´s precious first breath is drawn.

Some of these toxins are emitted from our power sources and our manufacturing facilities. Some travel through our agriculture as they are sprayed on our crops and seep into our water.

And others, many, many others, arrive in the most covert and brilliant disguises – bath bubbles, sudsy shampoos, shiny lipsticks, clean smelling deodorants, sexy scents and bright smile toothpastes.

Our shelves are filled with them. They smell yummy. They make us feel clean. They convince us that we are more beautiful when we wear them. And often that is true.

But I am now certain that we are unintentionally putting ourselves in harm’s way by allowing untested and unregulated products to permeate our bodies without a clear understanding of how these consistent exposures may affect our health.

Depending on where your interest in this topic lies, the research referenced on this site could be the beginning of your journey toward understanding how much your daily choices might impact the long-term health of your family. Or perhaps you are already a far more advanced consumer from whom we can all learn a lot.

Regardless of your experience, there is no question that it is time to initiate a visible response to this issue. With a President focused on healthcare and the environment, we have an open window to jump through to demand a safer future for all Americans.

So please take a few moments to see if some of the information on The Girlcott site resonates with you. We understand that our current economic reality precludes any of us from frivolous waste.

But even if you choose to change one item in your routine – perhaps it’s the shampoo in your kids’ shower, a frosty eye shadow in your daughter’s make-up bag or your own deodorant – you are on your way to a healthier tomorrow for yourself, your family and our earth.

This initiative is all about scale. Our vision is to build a mountain of mascaras, moisturizers and menaces that may cause us harm. And our hope is that one mountain in San Francisco, becomes a range that spans across our country as we inspire other communities to follow our lead.

A vocal and visual demand for protection will send a clear signal to the brands that may have betrayed us. It will also offer our government further incentive to push back against corporations and their lobbyists so that our laws will sway in favor of precaution and protection for our citizens.

Please help us build a new foundation for the next economy, one that values more than the transaction of today, but the investment we all make in tomorrow. We are counting on you to spread the word about The Girlcott and the exciting opportunity we have to show the world we deserve better!

I sincerely thank you for supporting The Girlcott. I cant wait to see you on April 18th!

-Christine Gardner, Founder, moregreenmoms